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Full service cycle in one place

For more than 10 years we have been helping businesses achieve their goals with the help of effective Internet tools.

QCODED is a team of IT-specialists with more than 10 years of experience in developing/promoting websites and applications, both in Ukraine and in other countries of the world. Key features are: high level of competence in web development, deep marketing study of projects that allow you to create complex Internet solutions, which will completely solve client's problems. Anywhere from inceasing customer traffic and awareness, to creating a reputional service. Each project is unique and we dedicate 100% of our resources to meet our customers' wants and needs. We find the most effective startegies. The market does not stand still. It changes every year. New tools and competitors appear on the market, and we provide full customer support, conduct full analytic observations, and track trends to keep up with market standards.



Our task is to adequately represent you on the web, and ensure your business a steady stream of orders from the Internet.

Website development

Do you want to get access to your Target-Audience? Launch the site. We will help you determine the optimal solution and ensure round-the-clock performance and safety. We make all the sites fast, easy, and adaptive for any different devices and operating systems.

Internet Marketing

A steady stream of orders is a basic condition for sales. We will prove to you that customers from the Internet are a fully managed process, in which only you decide how many leads to get per month. Traffic from search engines, context, and social networks will give orders, while analytics will allow you to optimize costs.


Company's image, its recognition, memorable “packaging”, positioning in the market - these problems are solved by competent branding. It helps you stand out among competitors to form the right reputation and strong corporate culture.

Content / Copywriting

Filling the site with high-quality texts is the base for promotion. SEO texts help you reach the top of search results and keep visitors, so they can familiarize themselves with your offer. Proper text will present the offer - luring the visitor to leave a request.

Mobile applications

With the help of a fast and convenient application, you can optimize your business, create additional services for customers, increase sales, and build loyalty to your target audience. It's not as expensive and long as you think! (IOS / Android)

Creating chat-bots

Allows faster processing of incoming traffic. Speed is crucial, so being always in touch with the customer is a major advantage. Chat-bots can replace the manager and provide round the clock support. (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram)

You are always getting more with us

We create high-conversion projects that help our customers grow rapidly.


We speak in plain language

Difficult terms, technical details, programs, code - all of this is a task of masters. You should not understand this. All you need to do is state your goal. We will do the rest!


More than 10 years in the industry

Accumulated vast experience, successful cases, and selected tools will give you guaranteed results!


Team of practitioners

Each team member is a proven specialist who is fully expreienced in his field. We do not hire random people for this sensative job, therefore your business is in good hands!


Affordable prices

We do not make expensive or cheap websites. We provide primed solutions that generate orders, and fully pay for themselves in a short period of time!

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